Our Story

Happy Beluga was started in Montreal during the blazing hot summer of 2019. After searching for sustainable and positive gear brands, that make a difference in the community and environment without any luck, we decided we would start our own. 

Our Mission

Happy Beluga has two main goals.

The first is to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and being a responsible consumer. We want to show others that it is not hard to make the eco-friendly and sustainable choices, while doing good at the same time. 

Our second goal, is to raise awareness of the current state of Canada's great whales who are becoming increasingly threatened by our way of life. Each pair of sunglasses are named for one of the ocean's most majestic creatures in an effort to educate others about their plight.

Behind the name

Happy Beluga like many of it's products is named for the endangered St. Lawrence Estuary beluga whale. These belugas come to Quebec's Saguenay Fjord every summer and call it home as they raise their calves. We thought what would make a beluga happy? Would they like camping or maybe they'd like a more sustainable future for all! Also when you take a look at a beluga it is hard not to be happy.

Let's Make a Difference Together

Happy Beluga wants to help everyone do their part. Each product hangtag, is made from recycled Canadian paper and is embedded with wildflower seeds. So instead of throwing out that product tag like so many do, you get to help the diminishing honeybees by planting wildflower seeds. See you're already you're making a difference!

Along with the tags, every sale at Happy Beluga product, allows us to donate $1 to the GREMM. GREMM is, a local non-profit organization which focuses on the scientific research on the whales of the St. Lawrence and has been working on promoting education about marine conservation


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