The Bowhead Wood Sunglasses

$35.00 $25.00



Classic and iconic in shape the Bowhead Wood Sunglasses are named for one of the few great Arctic whales, the bowhead. The curves and sharp flairs are inspired by the whale whose large iconic head helps them break through the ice. Sort of just like how the Bowhead Wood Sunglasses will help break the ice in every conversation just by how awesome they are.

Made from wood and a new plastic alternative, wheat straw fibre. If you were to pop the lenses out of these glasses and throw them in the garden they are biodegradable and will eventually help your garden grow. Now I bet you can't say that about your other pair of sunglasses that will be forever sitting in your drawer.

These slick shades are polarized, that means you'll be taking care of your eyes while you lounge, head out for a ride, paddle or do whatever it is you like to do. And to take care of them while you're out and about, they come in a bamboo carrying case for storage when not in use.

Like all Happy Beluga wearable products, $1 will be donated to GREMM, for the research and education on Marine Mammals (and our favourites the belugas).


Comes with:

  • 1 pair of bamboo sunglasses
  • 1 bamboo carrying case